This system has many benefits such as environmental advantages being a recycled product , OH & S benefits being a light and easy to install and no waste to name a few. Cupolex is not only a standalone Green product with excellent thermal ratings but in conjunction with a fan forced ceiling cavity air movement system, energy costs can be reduced significantly. Computer models are showing up to 50% reduction in energy usage.

Reozone Information

Reozone are a Steel Reinforcement Supplier specialising in the supply of Reinforced Bar and Mesh to AS standards 4671. We also supply Reinforcing Accessories such as Bar Chairs and Building Products including Bondek, Plastic Membrane and Expansion Joints.

We also supply Concrete and Concrete Additives to projects all over the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Reozone can also provide House Slab Packages including Waffle Pod Systems to the housing industry. Finally Reozone also provides a Free Estimating and Scheduling Service using our experienced Scheduling Team on projects of any size.