This system has many benefits such as environmental advantages being a recycled product , OH & S benefits being a light and easy to install and no waste to name a few. Cupolex is not only a standalone Green product with excellent thermal ratings but in conjunction with a fan forced ceiling cavity air movement system, energy costs can be reduced significantly. Computer models are showing up to 50% reduction in energy usage.

Reozone and their partners are continuing to optimise the system in a range of climates to establish its energy saving potential in the context of the BCA (star-rating) and BASIX (% reduction) compliance requirements.

With each slab that is poured the delivery process can be minimised by having the Cupolex product and mesh delivered on the one truck thus being more efficient and lowering carbon emissions at the same time. The Cupolex domes are interlocked and stacked neatly on pallets where other systems require a mesh delivery, a truck and trailer for delivery of pods and another truck to pick up waste. Reozone delivery trucks can transport up to five slabs at any one time.

The average building lot is becoming smaller so site congestion is a major issue for developers and builders. The Cupolex system, on average, takes up two pallet spaces per unit/lot.

Concreters estimate they save at least 8 man hours per slab with not having to bar chair the H260 domes and clean up mess as you do with other systems. Our customers no longer need to be worried about penalties from councils for waste being blown off site.

More builders are now using the Cupolex system because of the benefits mentioned above. Reozone have identified Cupolex as the concrete void system of the future.

Reozone Information

Reozone are a Steel Reinforcement Supplier specialising in the supply of Reinforced Bar and Mesh to AS standards 4671. We also supply Reinforcing Accessories such as Bar Chairs and Building Products including Bondek, Plastic Membrane and Expansion Joints.

We also supply Concrete and Concrete Additives to projects all over the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Reozone can also provide House Slab Packages including Waffle Pod Systems to the housing industry. Finally Reozone also provides a Free Estimating and Scheduling Service using our experienced Scheduling Team on projects of any size.