Building Products

Builders Film & Joining Tape

Builders Film

TypeColourGauge (um)Length (m)Width (m)Mass (kg/roll)
PBFB4HHigh Impact - Black20050437
PBFB2HHigh Impact - Black20050219
PBFO4SSuper Orange30025428
PBFO4Premium Orange20050437
PBFO2Premium Orange20050219


Joining Tape

TypeColourMaterialLength (m)Width (mm)

Ableflex - Expansion Jointing

TypeDescriptionBackingLength (m)Width (mm)
EJ50Black Poly Foam Rollsnon-adhesive2550
EJ50ADBlack Poly Foam Rollsadhesive2550
EJ75Black Poly Foam Rollsnon-adhesive2575
EJ75ADBlack Poly Foam Rollsadhesive2575
EJ100Black Poly Foam Rollsnon-adhesive25100
EJ100ADBlack Poly Foam Rollsadhesive25100
EJ125Black Poly Foam Rollsnon-adhesive25125
EJ125ADBlack Poly Foam Rollsadhesive25125
EJ150Black Poly Foam Rollsnon-adhesive25150
EJ150ADBlack Poly Foam Rollsadhesive25150
EJ200Black Poly Foam Rollsnon-adhesive25200
EJ200ADBlack Poly Foam Rollsadhesive25200
EJ250Black Poly Foam Rollsnon-adhesive25250
EJ300Black Poly Foam Rollsnon-adhesive25300

Jointex - Expansion Jointing

TypeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)
JNTX5010mm Bituminous Jointex240050
JNTX7510mm Bituminous Jointex240075
JNTX10010mm Bituminous Jointex2400100
JNTX12510mm Bituminous Jointex2400125
JNTX15010mm Bituminous Jointex2400150
JNTX20010mm Bituminous Jointex2400200
JNTX25010mm Bituminous Jointex2400250
JNTX30010mm Bituminous Jointex2400300

Connelly Key Joint and Pegs & Wedges

Connelly Key Joint

TypeDescriptionLength (m)Width (mm)Mass (kg)
KJ100Metal Key Joint61004.90
KJ150Metal Key Joint61507.50
KJ200Metal Key Joint62009.80
Notethe above items include 8 pegs & wedges per length.


Key Joint Pegs & Wedges

TypeDescriptionLength (mm)
PW100Pegs to suit 100mm Keyjoint350
PW150Pegs to suit 150mm Keyjoint390
PW200Pegs to suit 200mm Keyjoint500

PVC Grey Capping Strip

TypeDescriptionLength (m)Mass (kg/roll)
KJCAPRemovable Strip242.50
KJPCAPPermanent Strip242.50
KJCAPRSRip O Strip - Black Capping242.50

Crack-A-Joint - Crack Inducer

TypeDescriptionColourLength (mm)Width (mm)
CRAKJ25Plain Crack Inducer-300025
CRAKJ25SBCrack Inducer with StripBlack300025
CRAKJ25SGCrack Inducer with StripGrey300025
CRAKJ25SSCrack Inducer with StripSandstone300025
CRAKJ25STCrack Inducer with StripTerracotta300025

Formwork Pegs

TypeDescriptionLength (mm)
PEGC600Steel Capped Timber Peg (50mmx50mm)600
PEGC750Steel Capped Timber Peg (50mmx50mm)750
PEGC900Steel Capped Timber Peg (50mmx50mm)900
PEGC1200Steel Capped Timber Peg (50mmx50mm)1200

Star Posts

TypeDescriptionLength (mm)Finish
STARB13504’6” Long Star Post1350Black
STARB16505’6” Long Star Post1650Black
STARB18006’0” Long Star Post1800Black


Reozone Information

Reozone are a Steel Reinforcement Supplier specialising in the supply of Reinforced Bar and Mesh to AS standards 4671. We also supply Reinforcing Accessories such as Bar Chairs and Building Products including Bondek, Plastic Membrane and Expansion Joints.

We also supply Concrete and Concrete Additives to projects all over the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Reozone can also provide House Slab Packages including Waffle Pod Systems to the housing industry. Finally Reozone also provides a Free Estimating and Scheduling Service using our experienced Scheduling Team on projects of any size.