What is Cupolex?

CUPOLEX® is an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to Rib Raft, Waffle Pod and other Polystyrene concrete void systems.

CUPOLEX® is a patented structural dome concrete slab system made from recycled non-toxic Polypropylene. Each dome easily inter-connects to create a self supporting structure acting as permanent form work, as an alternative to RibRaft polystyrene and/or hard fill in your concrete slab. Not only does CUPOLEX® provide an absolute barrier and reduces potential for rising damp with no capillary action possible, but it also is cost effective. Go Green. “CUPOLEX®” ticks all the boxes.

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Cupolex Structural Dome System – The Green Alternative to Waffle Pod

  • Manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastic
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint – average home delivery is 2 pallets
  • Speedy Installation
  • Excellent Thermal Rating
  • No Waste
  • Flexible Design Solutions
  • Can be Ventilated to Help Reduce Power Usage


Residential House Slab Advantages

  • Using Cupolex for your concrete foundation can contribute to GREEN or LEED certification
  • Made from 100% non-toxic recyclable material
  • Reduces construction time and labour
  • Reduces heavy traffic to site. 200sqm slab fits on 2 pallets
  • No waste. Plumbing penetrations are effected using a hole saw and the resulting disc can be recycled
  • Tidy site. Cupolex takes far less room and you dont have to weigh the product down so it doesn’t blow away
  • No Residue. No environmental impact of residue ending up in waterways like other products
  • Reduces dampness. The air cavity beneath the slab resists mould and mildew creating a healthier building environment
  • Optimized reuse and recycling
  • Minimum use of natural resources



  • Selected as the “Green” flooring system for the “American Home” at the 2010 International Builders Show in Las Vegas.
  • “Best environmental product” Civenex Sydney 2011


Industrial & Commercial Floor Slabs

CUPOLEX® Dome Forming System can be specifically designed for industrial floors. Loads of more than 10 kPa can be accommodated with concrete thicknesses ranging from 60mm to 120mm over the CUPOLEX® elements.

In industrial applications, the reinforcing cages, pad foundations and load bearing wall lines can be fixed into place first. The CUPOLEX® can then be used between load bearing lines to act as hard fill and bring the slab up to the required elevation. The footings and the floor slab can be poured in one operation.



The name CUPOLEX® comes from the Italian word “Cupola” meaning dome. Millions of square metres of CUPOLEX® have been laid in concrete slabs and foundations throughout the Americas, Australasia and Europe.

CUPOLEX® allows designers, builders and developers to specify for new buildings and homes, a cost effective foundation which is both Green and Sustainable. All the while reducing building cycle time and minimizing engineered fill requirements which can be very expensive.

Inventors of the CUPOLEX® system Pontarolo Engineering, have been marketing Cupolex worldwide since 1990. It was originally developed as a solution to ventilate Radon Gas from new buildings for the US Air Force in Italy. It is now a requirement for all new construction for the US Air Force. Radon Gas is prevalent in areas of Europe and the USA and some parts of Australia.

Since its creation the CUPOLEX® system has been utilised as a solution in a number of different capacities other than its original design. To name a few applications. Water storage, water detention in areas with pressure on existing stormwater resources, road construction, mitigating rising damp CUPOLEX® is a 100% barrier, as a source of hot and cool air for air recirculation systems, historic building renovations in place of hard fill, on sites which are low weight bearing, cost effective method of gaining height in flood plane sites.


Cupolex Gallery Cupolex Links


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