Trench Mesh

Trench Mesh

TypeLength (m)Width (mm)Longitudinal Wires (mm)Cross Wires (mm)Mass (kg)
L8TM20062003 at 7.6047
L8TM30063004 at 7.6049
L8TM40064005 at 7.60412
L8TM50065006 at 7.60414
L11TM20062003 at 10.654.7713
L11TM30063004 at 10.654.7718
L11TM40064005 at 10.654.7722
L11TM50065006 at 10.654.7727
L12TM20062003 at 11.904.7716
L12TM30063004 at 11.904.7722
L12TM40064005 at 11.904.7727
L12TM50065006 at 11.904.7733

Trench Mesh Ligatures

TypeSize (mm)TypeSize (mm)
LIG62010200 x 100LIG63530350 x 300
LIG62015200 x 150LIG64010400 x 100
LIG62020200 x 200LIG64015400 x 150
LIG62520250 x 200LIG64020400 x 200
LIG62525250 x 250LIG64025400 x 250
LIG63010300 x 100LIG64030400 x 300
LIG63015300 x 150LIG64035400 x 350
LIG63020300 x 200LIG64040400 x 400
LIG63025300 x 250LIG64520450 x 200
LIG63030300 x 300LIG64530450 x 300
LIG63520350 x 200LIG64540450 x 400

Trench Mesh Z-Bar Fitments

TypeSize (mm)TypeSize (mm)
LIGZ223200 x 200 x 300LIGZ2353200 x 350 x 300
LIGZ2253200 x 250 x 300LIGZ243200 x 400 x 300
LIGZ233200 x 300 x 300LIGZ2453200 x 450 x 300


Reozone Information

Reozone are a Steel Reinforcement Supplier specialising in the supply of Reinforced Bar and Mesh to AS standards 4671. We also supply Reinforcing Accessories such as Bar Chairs and Building Products including Bondek, Plastic Membrane and Expansion Joints.

We also supply Concrete and Concrete Additives to projects all over the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Reozone can also provide House Slab Packages including Waffle Pod Systems to the housing industry. Finally Reozone also provides a Free Estimating and Scheduling Service using our experienced Scheduling Team on projects of any size.